River Bank Running - Elevate Physiotherapy in Yeovil, Somerset

Our message is simple - enjoy the way you move

The human body is way more capable than a lot of us realise. Over many years it has developed a strength and efficiency so far beyond our man-made engineering capacity that we take it for granted....until something hurts.

As soon as we're in pain, we begin to acknowledge our incredible former self. We make adjustments to life assuming that we can't do certain things and these limitations are in our mind as well our body. We want to restore your body's potential and put you in control of achieving it.

We're passionate about movement and unlocking the fulfilment it can provide our daily life. Whether we've subjected ourselves to a more sedentary lifestyle and the body is crying out to move or we've asked the body to do more than it can currently handle, we want to help you recover and to enjoy the way you move.

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