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At your first appointment we will conduct a thorough examination, both of the body and the person. To start with we will talk to you about your specific problem or injury and how it impacts your life. We may ask you quite specific questions that give us a complete understanding of what stresses your body is exposed to on a daily basis.

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Gait analysis

This is essentially an assessment of the way in which you walk or run. We use Dartfish technology to gain slow motion footage of the way your whole body moves. And we mean whole body - from head to toe, there is a huge variety in running style and we pay great attention in identifying relevant areas for adjustment or improvement.

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Sports Injuries

If you regularly enjoy participation in a given sport, then injury is often a devastating blow. Whether it's a traumatic ankle sprain on the netball court or a more gradual onset of pain since you increased your running mileage, the anxiety and psychological impact is often just as great as the physical pain that it can cause.

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This is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine in which fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic purposes. There is scientific evidence that it can have a positive effect on a range of conditions.

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Sport Massage

Sport & Remedial Massage, also known as Soft Tissue Therapy, combines assessment of your mobility with hands on treatment to help you restore and gain more efficient movement. For some, the requirement of this restoration of movement is due to a planned hard effort from the body such as a long run or a time trial on the bike.

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Injury Prevention

There are some injuries that are simply unavoidable such as a direct blow from a rugby tackle. However, there are a number of accidental injuries that could be deemed preventable such as muscle strains and ligament injuries.

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Women's Health

Women's health physiotherapy focuses on all issues related to obstetrics and gynaecology. Whether you are a Woman experiencing bladder, bowel or pelvic floor concerns, if you are suffering from musculoskeletal back/pelvic pain during your pregnancy or as a new mum, Physiotherapy has been proved to be effective. 

Mummy MOT

The ‘Mummy MOT’ is a specialist postnatal assessment which is recommended for all women following childbirth. Ideally it is carried out at around six weeks after birth but can be done anytime, even many years later.

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