Mummy MOT

The ‘Mummy MOT’ is a specialist postnatal assessment which is recommended for all women following childbirth. Ideally it is carried out at around six weeks after birth but can be done anytime, even many years later.

A woman’s body goes through huge changes during pregnancy and childbirth; hormonal changes, ligament laxity, postural changes, stretching of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles can all lead to problems such as back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness, pelvic organ prolapse and a tummy gap.

Statistics show 1 in 3 women will have pelvic pain following delivery, 45% will have incontinence seven years after having a baby and 50% will have a prolapse following a natural birth. These issues are all addressed by the Mummy MOT.

Trying to get your body back whilst looking after a new baby is challenging. The constant lifting, carrying, changing and bathing a baby will add strain to your body, as can returning to exercise and sport too soon. Without guidance, long term issues can occur.

The ‘Mummy MOT’ involves a detailed assessment from a specialist Physiotherapist. It will check your
posture, breathing, tummy gap and the strength and function of the tummy and pelvic floor muscles. You will receive a report of findings on the day and a safe exercise programme will be prescribed and can then be progressed, as necessary.

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