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At your first appointment we will conduct a thorough examination, both of the body and the person. To start with we will talk to you about your specific problem or injury and how it impacts your life. We may ask you quite specific questions that give us a complete understanding of what stresses your body is exposed to on a daily basis.

From there, we will perform a physical assessment including a range of special tests that help guide us in diagnosing and treating your problem. With your consent, this may require you to undress so we ask that you wear suitable clothing.

We will then commence treatment, which may consist of manual techniques (such as massage and joint mobilisation), acupuncture and a custom exercise program. If necessary, we may ask for your consent to contact your GP or other healthcare professional to ensure that we are optimising your care.

Our aim is always to give you as much information and advice in order to help you understand and manage the problem yourself.

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