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Sport Massage

Sport & Remedial Massage, also known as Soft Tissue Therapy, combines assessment of your mobility with hands on treatment to help you restore and gain more efficient movement. For some, the requirement of this restoration of movement is due to a planned hard effort from the body such as a long run or a time trial on the bike.

But for most of us, it is due to other factors that slowly creep up over time leaving us in pain. Many of us are spending more and more time sat down in our daily lives. Whether it's a long commute driving to and from work or the eight hours in front of the desk when we're there, these sustained postures have a detrimental effect on the way we move.

By releasing tension in your muscles, we can reduce pain and encourage more normal range and quality of your movement. We will also address contributing factors to give you the right tools to manage tension yourself in the future.

Sports Massage - Elevate Physiotherapy in Yeovil, Somerset
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